4 Major Eyebrow Mapping Tools

1) Drawing Eyebrows Free-Hand with Wax or Eyebrow Pencils

  • You need to sharpen your pencils each time before using on clients
  • Wax pencil is a great tool for free-hand drawing and it is most widely used among PMU artists.
  • Most PMU artists like to show makeup look to their clients to make sure client is happy with the shape 100%
  • You can put little dots with a medical marker to secure your design
  • Normally the tip of the pencil is sharpened with an exacto knife to allow the lines to appear very thin.
2) String Method

  • You can either buy preened string or ink it with your pigment or eyebrow wax pencil.
  • String can be used to draw straight lines more easily either vertically or horizontally.
  • String allows you to check the symmetry of the brows.
  • String also ensures your brow shape is not crooked or dipped-in.

3. Sticker Ruler

  • Sticker ruler helps to find key measurement points more easily.
  • Golden ratio is already done for you if you don't like working with numbers.
  • Brow artists can easily replicate the brow starting point, arch point and the tail end. It is also a great tool for replicating the length of the brows.
  • This is a great tool if you are struggling to get the perfect symmetry
  • Cost efficient and you can easily pair with the other measurement tools to ensure your design is perfectly symmetric for your client.

4) Calipher

  • Caliper is composed of 3 arms and it is a quick way of duplicating the golden ratio points.
  • It can easily measure the distance from each golden ratio point.
  • It also helps to identify the ideal brow shape proportional to the face.
  • The measurements may not be as precise as a ruler.

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