Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush - AZ_permanent_makeup
Lip Blush - AZ_permanent_makeup
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training

Lip Blush Training

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Hands On Comprehensive Lip Blush Training

Theory + Practice on Live Models

Prerequisite: Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate

It’s time to level up your Lip Blush techniques and learn all the best-kept secrets on how to create the ultimate natural-looking Lip Blush you see all over Instagram. With our master class, Lip Blush techniques are taken to a whole new level!  


Module 1: Introduction to Lip Blush Permanent Makeup

  • Overview of the course and its objectives
  • Introduction to permanent makeup and its various applications
  • Understanding the significance of lip blush in the beauty industry
  • Exploring different lip blush styles and trends

Module 2: Skin Anatomy and Physiology for Lip Blush

  • Understanding the structure of the lip skin
  • Skin types and considerations for lip pigmentation
  • Factors affecting pigment retention and color outcome

Module 3: Color Theory and Pigment Selection

  • Fundamentals of color theory and its relevance to lip blush
  • Selecting appropriate pigment shades based on skin undertones
  • Customizing pigment blends to achieve desired lip colors

    Module 4: Client Consultation and Expectations

    • Conducting comprehensive client consultations
    • Managing client expectations and understanding their goals
    • Providing recommendations based on lip shape and desired outcomes

    Module 5: Contraindications and Precautions

    • Identifying contraindications for lip blush procedures
    • Recognizing medical conditions that might affect the process
    • Advising clients and making appropriate referrals when necessary

    Module 6: Equipment, Tools, and Setup

    • Introduction to PMU equipment and machines
    • Understanding needle configurations and their effects
    • Proper setup and maintenance of equipment for optimal performance

    Module 8: Procedural Techniques for Lip Blush

    • Step-by-step demonstration of lip blush application
    • Techniques for achieving even color distribution and blending
    • Managing pain and discomfort for the client during the procedure

    Module 9: Hands-On Practical Sessions

    • Guided hands-on practice with practice models or mannequins
    • Developing precision, pressure control, and hand movement skills
    • Applying different lip blush styles and shades

    Module 10: Color Application and Gradation

    • Layering techniques for achieving different color intensities
    • Gradation and shading techniques for natural-looking results
    • Achieving symmetry and balance between the lips

    Module 11: Aftercare and Healing Management

    • Detailed post-procedure care instructions for clients
    • Addressing common healing issues and complications
    • Importance of follow-up appointments and touch-ups

    Module 12: Marketing and Business Considerations

    • Building a portfolio showcasing lip blush work
    • Pricing strategies, packages, and service offerings
    • Effective marketing and promotion strategies for PMU services

    Module 13: Legal and Regulatory Aspects

    • Understanding local regulations and licensing requirements
    • Legal considerations for obtaining informed consent
    • Insurance and liability considerations for PMU artists

    Module 14: Case Studies and Problem-Solving

    • Analyzing real-life case studies with diverse lip types and skin tones
    • Problem-solving for challenging scenarios and corrections
    • Learning from both successful and challenging outcomes
    • Opportunities for advanced PMU courses and workshops


    1. Practice Materials:

      • Latex practice skins or synthetic practice lips for hands-on training.
      • Pigment cups and rings for holding pigments during practice.
    2. Pigment:

      • A High-quality pigment for practicing on latex.
    3. Needles and Cartridges:

      • Disposable needle cartridges compatible with the specific machine used in the training.
      • Different needle configurations for practicing different lip techniques.
    4. Equipment:

      • Disposable machine parts (if applicable), such as needle sleeves and covers.
      • Power supply and latest technology professional permanent makeup machine 
      • Applicators:

        • Microbrushes, cotton swabs, and disposable lip wands for applying pigment and anesthetic.
      • Pencil and Measuring Tools:

        • Lip pencils for outlining and planning lip shapes.
        • Measuring tools to ensure symmetry and balance during practice.
      • Disposable Supplies:

        • Gloves, face masks, and aprons for maintaining a sterile working environment.
        • Alcohol wipes and cotton pads for cleaning and disinfecting.
        • Educational Materials:

          • Training manual or guidebook with step-by-step instructions.
          • Color charts for pigment selection and mixing.
        • Case for Organization:

          • A durable and organized case or bag to keep all the kit items together.
        • Client Forms and Consent:

          • Sample consultation forms and consent forms for practicing client interactions.

         ***We are an Arizona based state school for permanent makeup and advanced aesthetics.

        ***To reserve your seat, deposit is required. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. If you are unable to attend your class after you've made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date.


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