Advanced Microblading and Microshading Class

2-Day Advanced Microblading With Microshading Course

If you’re looking to take your Microblading skills to the next level, We offer the best option for those who are looking to please their clients with perfect symmetry and right color selection.

microblading course

Our 2-day advanced  course is a high-level, hands-on class that offers advanced study on stroking and eyebrow shading techniques to already practicing pmu artists and estheticians such as;

Ombre Brow with stippling and soft-tap technique, full powdered brow, and combo brow, which combines microshading and microblading. Learn the most effective color correction techniques using the Microshading method. The cutting-edge techniques that you’ll learn in this advance class is invaluable to your advancement within the field.

Course Includes;

  • Practice on live models
  • 4 pigments and a correction color
  • Zensa Numbing Cream
  • Certification of Completion right after class
  • Continuous support
  • $250 discount on future enrollments (machine pmu class, scalp micropigmentation or medical tattooing class)
  • Great discounts on microblading supplies

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