Color Correction: From Red to Brown Eyebrows

This client went through multiple laser tattoo removal over a year. Since her brows were faded by a minimum of 50% and her skin was in very good condition with no signs of scarring or damage with her last session being 3 months ago, Here is how we can give her new brows.

This is really a challenging cover-up case because of the red hue being still visible to public eye. The shape needs to be adjusted along with the color of eyebrows.  

Final look is achieved with microbladed hair strokes packed closely together to hide all the old permanent makeup and thickened up her brows to give her a shape that would suit her face shape. 

Another option would have been to do a powder/ombré brow but giving the illusion of texture especially in cases where the client has little to no hair. loos more natural

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