How To Design Eyebrows According To Client's Face Shape

Importance of facial geometry while doing eyebrow mapping.

It is the fact that any eyebrow shape will look good on oval and diamond-shaped faces, provided that the arch, the upper and the lower points were defined correctly. However, round, oblong, triangular and square faces are usually considered to be more complicated with regards to choosing the eyebrow shapes. In fact, it is possible to make any face look more attractive by shifting the focus.

  • Round face. Wouldn't look good with square look. Try to avoid sharp straight lines; the tails of the eyebrows also should not be long as this will emphasize the width of the face. It is better to draw attention to the peak of the brow.

  • Oblong face. A flat brow shape looks more harmonious on such faces than any other shapes. The angles should not be pronounced; otherwise it can emphasize the length of the face. Flat and long eyebrow shapes will make the face look shorter.

  • Square face. Angled and curled eyebrows balance a pronounced jawline; long tails and straight lines on the eyebrows should be avoided because they might bring out the sharpness of the jawline more.
  • Triangular face. A softened arch peak looks better on such faces. Make sure that the beginning and end of the eyebrows are at the same level; otherwise the upper part of the face will seem even wider. The ends of the brows should not be prolonged.


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