Is Microblading A Good Career?

Microblading is the biggest trend all over the world in the beauty industry, creating a very high demand of services. The popularity has increased over the time even more. We have trained hundreds of people who quit their day job and made the microblading their ultimate career.  

The average microblading procedure costs between $350 and $800 and takes only two hours to complete. Even if you can take 1 client per day you can easily make $16,000 a month, This is why microblading is the HIGHEST paid beauty job and the fastest growing career in the Permanent Makeup industry.

AZ PMU Academy provides fundamental and advanced level skills, supplies, and support needed to become the best Microblading Artist worldwide. 

A complete starter kit, with all the supplies and tools you need to master the art of microblading, along with exclusive access to our online shop with discount codes.



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