Start as you mean to go on and allow your business to evolve with time without losing its identity.

  • Look at who is your market (clients) and where to find them (location).
  • Evaluate the best branding for your business whether it is a business name or operating under your own name.
  • Get your certificates. Ensure clients can see this and your insurance.
  • Create a portfolio of your works on ipad, a hard copy brochure and in addition a reception TV with your treatment photos rotating with case studies.
  • Open events are good for creating awareness at the location you work from. Offer a promotional saving if starting out.
  • Recommend a friend schemes are a must.
  • The obligatory business cards, flyers, brochures and website are a first.
  • Decide whether your services will be from one location or if you wish to visit clients to capture a wider footfall.
  • Network with local businesses to create referral schemes, offer to perform a heavily discounted treatment on a salon/clinic owner in return for reduced room hire or marketing on their web site.
  • Do not agree to a high commission % when negotiating a room hire. You bring kudos to a clinic and a new footfall of clients. They need to see your services as valuable.
  • Keep up to date with blogs and whilst funds are limited create your own editorials and send them to magazines with interesting content and photos.
  • Set up a separate bank account to follow and repost your business expenses.
  • Lastly, there are amazing deals out there particularly with Paypal and other providers. Get yourself a card machine to take deposits and receive payments.

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  • Amy Saunders

    Hi there! When you explained that it’s better to obtain a verified certification first before starting our make-up establishment, it definitely grabbed my interest. My former coworker has been thinking of becoming a professional makeup artist. He’s now going through some options to help him learn more about the job. I’ll share this information with him so he’ll get a proper guidance afterwards.

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