Use A Thicker Needle As A Beginner Artist

You are all confused about what size needle to use for each procedure you just learned recently. Here are couple pointers to make it easier to jump start your successful business.

When you use a thicker needle, your lines look cleaner because any wobble you make is smaller in relation to the size of the needle. For example lining with 3RL is going to be easier than lining with 1RL needle. With a thinner needle, the small imperfections will look much more dramatic.

A good needle size to start out with is a 3RL to do lip liner or eyeliner. It’s small enough to get into the skin without too much difficulty but also big enough to not show every single imperfection. Any size bigger than 3 will swell the skin easier and will give more solid look than just fine line. So unless your client is asking for a solid visible lip liner or eyeliner, you should strictly adhere to 3RL

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