Guy Brows - Hairstroke Brows - AZ_permanent_makeup
Guy Brows - Hairstroke Brows - AZ_permanent_makeup
Guy Brows - Hairstroke Brows - AZ_permanent_makeup

Guy Brows - Hairstroke Brows

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Imagine working out, swimming, washing your face or even taking a shower without your eyebrows rubbing off? This is the worry-free option you have been searching for. Get ready to throw out that eyebrow pencil forever! Call or email us and book your appointment today!

Only our master trainer provides the service at our notoriously known as the best permanent makeup salon. She has been in the industry for over 23 years. Microblading is creating feathery hair strokes eyebrows with a manual tool. It is the softest, natural look, and with microblading you can correct scars or other asymmetrical features of the face, or create natural-looking enhancement. 

Your initial appointment includes a free brow design and color matching which will suit your face the most. You also get an aftercare cream and a free follow up appointment to ensure the perfect look. 

Microblading is a permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows with a feathery hair stroke. The results are natural, flawless, fuller-looking brows. It’s perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows or even those who just want to add a slight arch. The results are a natural, undetectable fringe.

*Touch up included in the price

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We are a permanent make-up and advanced facial aesthetics training facility located in Arizona, USA.

With its 1,400 sq. ft campus in a premium medical center in metro Phoenix, AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest USA.