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Bellar Air is breakthrough wireless innovation. An all-encompassing PMU machine, suitable for the artist craving reliability, luxury, and style, all in a machine with endless capabilities.

Featuring a new digital display with options to manage speed, timing, voltage, and eGive parameters, this device puts the artist in maximum control. With the NEW built-in needle sensing feature, the Bellar Air recognizes and responds to the skin, delivering consistent results. Bellar Air’s responsive eGive system, NEW lower running voltage (4V/66Hz), and choice of 2.1 mm and 3.0 mm stroke options empower artists to take on a variety of techniques on different skin textures.

Key Features:

  • LED Digital Display
  • Needle Sensing
  • eGive Adjustment
  • Adjustable Needle Depth with Ratcheting System
  • Luxury Travel Case Included
  • Responsive Silicone Buttons
  • Stroke Length: 2.1 mm, 3.0 mm
  • Weight: 3.86 ounces (109.6 grams)
  • Battery Life: 4-5 hours. Battery life subject to voltage, stroke, needle choice, and skin type.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless or Wired with Detachable wireless battery pack or DC power adaptor
  • Voltage Range: 4 – 10 volts
  • Grip: 26.5 - 16 mm tapered
  • Compatibility – Bluetooth, Killswitch, Standard Universal Membrane Cartridges
  • Compatible via Bluetooth connectivity to the Darklab App
  • Made in the US
    Permanent Makeup School LP

    About us?

    We are a permanent make-up and advanced facial aesthetics training facility located in Arizona, USA.

    With its 1,400 sq. ft campus in a premium medical center in metro Phoenix, AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest USA.