ELECTRUM Cleanse - Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

ELECTRUM Cleanse - Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

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Electrum Cleanse, a 16oz bottle of skin cleanser meticulously crafted to cater to every stage of the tattooing process by Electrum.

Electrum Cleanse serves as a versatile solution, seamlessly integrated into the tattooing journey. Before, during, and after the procedure, this essential product works to alleviate client discomfort, minimize swelling for optimal procedures, and uphold impeccable hygiene standards to safeguard the tattoo site from infection.

Harnessing the power of electrolyzed water, a result of a patented electrochemical process, Electrum Cleanse not only cleanses but also soothes damaged or irritated skin. Its unique formulation aids in preventing swelling or inflammation during the tattooing process, ensuring a smoother experience for both artist and client.

Post-tattooing, Electrum Cleanse continues to shine as an indispensable aftercare product. It effortlessly moistens gauze bandages, effectively cleansing new tattoos of foreign objects, debris, and potential irritants. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in pigment retention during the healing phase, resulting in tattoos that retain their brightness and vibrancy over time.

Please Note: Diluting Electrum Cleanse or combining it with Green Soap is strongly discouraged, as it may compromise its efficacy. Store this product at room temperature, shielded from direct sunlight exposure.


  • Size: 16 fl. oz
  • Alcohol-free and devoid of harsh ingredients, ensuring a hypoallergenic solution.
  • Super-oxygenated electrolyzed water, subjected to a patented electrochemical process.
  • Neutral pH level, FDA approved, non-toxic, and non-irritating.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, requiring no special handling.
  • Suitable for use before, during, and after tattooing.
  • Safe for application around delicate areas such as the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.
  • Engineered to mitigate pain, swelling, and inflammation during the tattooing process.
  • Endorsed and trusted by thousands of tattoo artists for over 5 years.
  • Doubles as an aftercare product, fostering pigment retention.

Manufactured by Electrum, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the tattoo industry.


Prep: Begin by cleaning the skin with an approved antiseptic prep. Apply Electrum Cleanse onto a clean, disposable, lint-free paper towel or wipe, ensuring even coverage. The quantity used should correspond to the size of the area being cleaned and rinsed. There's no risk of "over-application" with this product.

Procedure: Employ Electrum Cleanse in lieu of distilled water throughout the tattoo procedure. For enhanced cleansing, a drop of Dial liquid soap can be added if desired, aiding in the removal of plasma and residual ink.

Electrum Cleanse stands as a testament to meticulous care and innovation, offering unparalleled support at every stage of the tattooing process.

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