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Microblading + Machine NanoStrokes Training

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 Pre-Study Assignment
5 days academy training with live models
                                      1 academy practice day with your instructor                                                                        1 day Advanced Brow Mapping workshop at academy with real models

Free Refresher Class after graduation

Hours:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM                                                              
Tuition: $3,950 (Discounted Bundle Price)                                                   
Prerequisite: No Prior Certification is Required.


  1. Introduction to Microblading:

    • Explanation of microblading and its purpose
    • Brief history of microblading
    • Overview of microblading tools and materials
  2. Skin Anatomy and Physiology:

    • Understanding the layers of the skin
    • Skin types and characteristics
    • Skin conditions and contraindications for microblading
  3. Health, Safety, and Sanitation:

    • Importance of maintaining a clean and sterile workspace
    • Proper sanitation protocols and infection control measures
    • Handling and disposal of materials and equipment
  4. Color Theory and Pigments:

    • Color theory basics and how it applies to microblading
    • Pigment selection for different skin tones and hair colors
  5. Brow Shaping and Design:

    • Facial symmetry and proportions
    • Techniques for measuring and mapping eyebrows
    • Creating a customized brow shape based on individual features
  6. Microblading Techniques:

    • Handling and proper use of microblading tools (manual pen and microblades)
    • Hair stroke application techniques
    • Different stroke patterns for natural-looking results
  7. Practice on Artificial Skin:

    • Hands-on practice on synthetic skin to develop precision and control
    • Gradual progression from basic strokes to more complex patterns
  8. Live Models and Practical Application:

    • Supervised practice on live models
    • Communication and consultation with clients
    • Numbing techniques for client comfort
  9. Aftercare and Healing Process:

    • Explanation of the microblading healing process
    • Aftercare instructions for clients to ensure optimal results
  10. Touch-Ups and Maintenance:

    • Importance of touch-up sessions for lasting results
    • Schedule and procedure for touch-up appointments
  11. Business and Marketing:

    • How to start up a microblading business
    • Pricing strategies
    • Marketing and building a client base
  12. Legal and Licensing Information:

    • Understanding local regulations and requirements
    • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for practicing microblading
  13. Client Consultation:

    • Communication skills and client expectations
    • Conducting thorough consultations and managing client preferences
  14. Troubleshooting and Corrections:

    • Identifying common mistakes and how to correct them
    • Dealing with pigment retention issues and color changes
  15. Ethics and Professionalism:

    • Maintaining a professional and ethical approach in the industry
    • Handling client concerns and complaints
  16. Certification and Continued Education:

    • Final assessments and evaluations
    • Awarding of certificates upon successful completion
    • Encouragement of ongoing learning and skill enhancement

You are allowed to use our facility for your first two clients after completing our training. You will work under the direction and supervision of one of our highly experienced microblading artists. We will show you how to conduct (2) professional appointments on your very first (2) customers. Shadowing our master artists for two procedures is also other option once you graduate from the program.


Getting appropriate schooling that provides you with the life-long skills to set you on your microblading career pathway is without a doubt, tremendously important.

Equally, your certificate must be compliant with licensing and insurer’s requirements - not only today but also into the future. 

The program includes Advanced Hairstroke Training With Shading, Stippling And Softtap Technique, Practice on Live Models, Home Study, Client Forms, Certificate and Ongoing Support After Training

Upon your enrollment, you will have access to our most detailed microblading home study modules.What you will receive:

Addition to Permanent Makeup Machine & Cartridges, you will also receive

  • Diamond 25 pcs Microblades (12C)
  • Diamond 25 pcs Microblades (18U)
  • Aftercare Information Card
  • Dual-Ended Microblading Pen
  • Medical Marker & Ruler
  • Sticky Forehead Rulers for Golden Ratio
  • Pigment Rings & Cups
  • Practice Skin to Take Home
  • Angie Practice Pad
  • Hair Strokes Practice Booklet

Our class sizes are limited to provide hands-on instruction. These limited classes ensure each student receives the undivided attention of our trainers.  We want you to be the best microblading artist you can be, and our programs are designed with this goal in mind. We walk you through the entire process from the set-up of your workstation, through the treatment process itself to its conclusion, and post-treatment sanitation. Everything is covered from consultation to touch-ups.

Private one on one classes are highly popular so please check and confirm available dates before buying your ticket. 


It is very common to travel for education in beauty industry. In Arizona for example, we have plenty of non-stop flights from the UK, Europe, Canada, and Mexico Not to mention proximity to Las Vegas, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and fantastic golf at over 200 courses of all styles. A great climate, world-class dining, shopping, and accommodations make the Valley of the Sun a favored destination for aestheticians and beauticians. If you are traveling from another state, you can consult us for accommodations. We have a list of affordable hotels nearby. 

***To reserve your seat, a $200 deposit is required and applied to your full balance. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. 

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