Paramedical Tattooing Pigment Set (16 x 30ml bottles) - AZ_permanent_makeup
Paramedical Tattooing Pigment Set (16 x 30ml bottles) - AZ_permanent_makeup

Areola Micropigmentation Ink Set (16 x 30ml bottles)

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The Pink Ribbon Areola colors are developed to do Areola Restorative Tattoos, however they may also be used for any scar revision requiring natural looking skin-tones.

This set includes Portrait White, Tan Honey, Fair Honey, Fair Peach, Dark Honey, Warm Mink, Tan Mink, Warm Peach, Cool Peach, Bright Peach, Warm Honey, Dark Tan, Cool Honey, Cool Mink, Tan Peach, and Dark Mink.

We bring you premium quality tattoo inks with super high pigment content and an amazing flow rate.
With a great palette of colors for all of your great artwork, this ink will make your job as an artist much easier, and make your art really pop!

Designed specifically for permanent areola treatments, this ultra-fine particle size pigment may be used in conjunction with complimentary tones to create soft shaded ombre effects by adding dilutent.

PRO TIP:  Dilute the pigment with dispersion (between 50% to 300% as required) to soften for natural looking shaded effects.

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